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History often presents women in a two dimensional manner. Yet no human is the sum of a single aspect of their lives, who they married, where they lived, whether they broke convention or created it. Finding the why and how of women's accomplishments or their failures adds color and texture to their stories.

I hope to share their laughter, tears, and joy while sending you on an adventure to another time.

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The First Female Judge in Britain

March 25, 2022

In 1945, Sybil Campbell became the first woman to be appointed to the professional judiciary full-time in Britain, when she became a stipendiary magistrate at Tower Bridge Magistrates’ Court. She remained the only full-time female professional magistrate or judge in England until she retired in 1961. Born in Ceylon, Sri Lanka in 1889, where her…

Lessons From the Past: The Donora Smog of 1948

April 16, 2021

As people fight to loosen and even eliminate environmental regulations, let’s remember why we have them. In 1948 a scene from a horror movie descended on a small midwestern town, Donora, Pennsylvania. There were no regulations preventing companies from poisoning the people there. The town sits by the Monongahela River twenty miles from Pittsburgh. In…

Portugal was in WWI?

January 12, 2021

Although Great Britain, France, and the United States are often cited as the Allied Forces in WWI, there were other players. Russia, Italy and even Japan were part of the Allies. Many colonies and territories connected to these countries also played key roles. Portugal arrived late in the conflict, but the Portuguese soldiers fought and…

Black British Officers of WWI

December 20, 2020

When immersed in historical research, I often come across interesting facts that illuminate people, places, and events that seem otherwise lost to history. My interest in Walter Tull, a British black officer of WWI, introduced me to a whole group of brave men who sacrificed everything to serve their country and their Commonwealth. I’ve listed…

Finishing 2020 With a New Set of Glasses

December 6, 2020

After months of COVID 19 keeping me from seeing my clients in person, meeting a friend for lunch, or even a visit with my parents, I’ve embraced the solitude. I’ve always loved the peace and quiet of writing in the morning and training my dog each afternoon, but I miss the time with friends and…

Autumn Thoughts

October 14, 2020

In the past, autumn encouraged a rebirth in my life. New school years, new adventures, new careers. This September, both children spread their wings and flew far away from our home. The quiet of their absence combined with the lack of social interactions for work and pleasure sent me into a more monastic lifestyle than…

A Day At The River

July 22, 2020

When the world becomes overwhelming, too many emails, non-stop drama on social media, never-ending news cycles, I head out to a place where my phone doesn’t work and the only interruptions I receive are from otters playing on the side of the river or ducks flying overhead, using the water as a superhighway from one…

Bringing in a Touch of Fall

September 23, 2018

Fresh flowers alter the stress of my house. A vase of something bright and colorful always sits on my kitchen island, and today I added a fall bouquet to the dining room. In a few weeks, I’ll add in the pumpkins and Halloween decorations, but for now, this simple transition helps make me appreciate the…

Starting Somewhere

August 1, 2018

My writing journey has brought me into the world of Downton Abbey and the Northern Yorkshire Moors. At twelve years old, I spent a summer in Ripon, England and treasured the beauty of the area. This past summer, I journeyed to Scotland and hiked through the Highlands and miles of fragrant heather. The house above…