Finishing 2020 With a New Set of Glasses


After months of COVID 19 keeping me from seeing my clients in person, meeting a friend for lunch, or even a visit with my parents, I’ve embraced the solitude. I’ve always loved the peace and quiet of writing in the morning and training my dog each afternoon, but I miss the time with friends and family where I can unwind and connect. So far, I've been fortunate to avoid the hardships so many have endured. Sickness, job loss, being unable to say goodbye to the ones we love. Now is not the time for me to complain and lament on how 2020 upended my world. Instead, I'm thankful for the opportunity to do things I've never made time for.

More reading, more hikes in the woods, and hours organizing a house into my version of a home.

It’s not all butterflies and roses, the loneliness creeps in after an awkward phone call with a loved one, where one touch on the arm could say everything I needed to share, but words don't have the same impact. I'm also battling frustration at missing holidays with my children and fear for my husband’s health while working at the hospital.

These days will end, hopefully sooner than later, and when they do, I will hold my loved ones tight, never again taking physical connection for granted, but for now, I will not lose time. No one knows for sure what tomorrow will bring, but the now is here and asking me to rise up and make something of it.