A Day At The River

Fishing in Vermont

When the world becomes overwhelming, too many emails, non-stop drama on social media, never-ending news cycles, I head out to a place where my phone doesn’t work and the only interruptions I receive are from otters playing on the side of the river or ducks flying overhead, using the water as a superhighway from one pond to another.

Standing up to my knees in the river, I can see life from another direction. The minnows unbothered by my presence, bank swallows darting in and out of my visual field, frogs leaping away when I come too close to their perch on the edge.

I’m not great at fly fishing, but I never strive to be. If I can catch the sunrise on a cool day, absorb the silence beneath a red covered bridge, and then walk along the banks as dragonflies follow along, I count that as a perfect day.