Starting Somewhere

My writing journey has brought me into the world of Downton Abbey and the Northern Yorkshire Moors. At twelve years old, I spent a summer in Ripon, England and treasured the beauty of the area. This past summer, I journeyed to Scotland and hiked through the Highlands and miles of fragrant heather. The house above is Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott. His study was an oasis for a writer. Books. Hundreds of them line the walls with his wooden writing desk in the middle of it all, allowing him to absorb the words as he sat among them all day. He’d surrounded himself with remarkable beauty and the wisdom of the past.  The environment fostered volumes of epic stories. My office has several bookcases, but I surround myself with large windows that look toward the forest in my backyard. From there I can see the fox and deer wander over my lawn and pause to enjoy squirrels playing or the beautiful patterns of a flock of birds. Inspiration.